Document drafted October 2017
Before or by 2020; Jeff Bezos net worth will be $100 billion.
*** DISCLAIMER *** Citing Jeff’s net worth to reach $100 billion before 2020 was part of a predictive exercise; nothing more, no advocacy. Given the book’s title, it seemed appropriate. Scroll to the end of this page to view the proof. The proof comes from this LinkedIn article

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The urgency and aptness of a different project prompted the temporary pause of this book. To my ardent supporters; and those who were expecting the book, kindly excuse the delay. As a consolation; all day one supporters will receive a FREE copy of "Predicting The Next 100 Year Corporations" book. As a token of my appreciation for your patience, you will also be compensated with the product I am working on.
Since this book is about companies that will be around for 100 years, what is a little delay amongst us? By the time the book is published; Apple's rumored car, and Tesla's rumored phone could be on the market. Twitter could be well on its way to being America's first everything App, akin to China's WeChat. These and more, should compensate for the wait. Hence, it will be a far more interesting read. All the promises I've ever made have been kept. This will not be an exception. Subscribe to watch this space. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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