Originally published on LinkedIn February 28, 2017


Ladies, do you sometimes feel the urge to fly away from it all, but more important, bypassing airport security? Perhaps a relaxing trip to the Caribbean or Bora Bora with your girlfriends, now you can, look below for Terrafugia, the flying car. I can only imagine; wouldn’t it be perfect, as well as convenient to customize and print your makeup whenever? If yes, keep reading.

Gents, the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of is here, and it surpasses your wildest dreams. Since I can’t literally throw in the kitchen sink, hopefully, the video will suffice? See Brummel Cucine’s masterpiece below, “The Sexiest Kitchen in The World.” Also check out U.K.’s first bio-bus which runs on human waste. Hopefully, they have cans of febreze and glades aboard.

Epicurean(s), do you like burgers but dislike eating meat or its taste? Perhaps you are a vegan or vegetarian, and you still want to feast with your friends, but not seem too fussy or weird. Now you can eat meatless burgers “Meat without Beef” or to be precise, “Meat without Livestock.” For those who enjoy planting, now you can plant and farm without soil, sun, pesticides and use 90% less water. Personally I prefer planting with natural soil and photosynthesis makes natural sense.

Millennials, are you interested in designer babies, or printing your DNA without any formal training? If yes, keep reading, there’s more.

College Students, No Gas Money, No Problem. Fill your ride with water or air.

Disclosure: if any of the featured businesses have changed, or are no longer operational, kindly excuse. As mentioned in part 1, this was written in 2014.

Meatless burgers “Meat without Beef” or “Meat without Livestock”

Ready or not, here it comes. Ethan Brown, the Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat says, they are building meat from the ground up, which would result in reducing heart disease, diabetes, cancer diseases and greenhouse emissions from cows. The CEO has a different take on meat, instead of following the unsuccessful route of his predecessors that tried to pass tofu for meat; Beyond Meat makes meat from plant extracts. During a Bloomberg interview, Ethan explained the rationale behind the radical idea. Instead of asking the question, what is meat? They approached their project with the question, what is in meat? He said meat is made up of amino acids, minerals, water and more which you also find in plants. Beyond Meat creates meat from the molecular level, hence it could be altered to become Super Meat. Beyond Meat’s Burger Titled Super Meat will Contain [more protein than beef] [more iron than steak] [more calcium than milk] [more antioxidants than blueberries] Watch the Meatless Taste Challenge, who got it right.



Planting and Farming without Soil, Sun, Pesticides and 90% less water

Aero Farms redefines and gives urban farming a whole new meaning. One would never expect to find a mid to large scale tech farm within the confines of an old night club in Newark, NJ. However, that’s where we find the next trailblazer Aero Farms, headed by David Rosenberg the CEO and Co-founder. Aero is bringing baby leafy greens to dinner tables, one tray at a time. Imagine planting without soil; Aero uses trays covered with special cloth to grow leafy green vegetables. LED lights are modulated to create the desired output and alter taste and texture. It’s called vertical tech farming, watch the WSJ interview.


This new paradigm by Aero means [95% less water used]  [No Pesticides]  [No Herbicides] [No Fungicides]  [No Sun] As great as this innovation sounds, I am concerned about the future ramifications related to eating plants grown without the source of life, the sun. That means no photosynthesis, and harvesting something which is meant to grow in one month at sixteen days, that’s about half the time. Since 70% of fresh water contaminants come from agricultural waste, the reason for water reduction usage in farming is understandable.

Beautification with Technology

There’s an App for that, customize your makeup color and print it. If you attended TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 or watched it online, it’s difficult to forget the competitor who thrilled the audience and left an indelible impression. Meet Grace Choi; the Founder and CEO of Mink now called MakeupHacker the cosmetic printer. Given the predisposition of the target audience, girls ages 13-21 and their buying habits, MakeupHacker has a huge potential. Depending on the cost of the printer, and the staple colors which form the finished products, I would conclude that household cosmetic names should watch out, Grace may be coming for their lunch, or a small percentage which is still several hundreds of millions. Licensing the technology to a manufacturer with deep pockets could be quite interesting and profitable, because it will bring in royalty checks monthly with less work.

Segueing from a cosmetic printer to 3D printers; the advent of 3D printers such as MakerBot, Airwolf3D, CartesioLD and others, have democratized manufacturing and homemade items in the 21st century. Lack of artistic knowledge, cheaper cost of replication and the unbelievable precision, all prove to be disastrous for the local welder, fixers and artisans, because it may ultimately render them jobless.




Flying Cars

Terrafugia the flying car: Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! As Terrafugia’s product confirms, the Jetsons were not far off from today’s reality. If you’re interested in knowing more, check out the Terrafugia’s website My questions are below, if flying cars become our reality….

  1. How would we deal with accidents in the air? Do you come out of your vehicle in the air to ask for insurance?
  2. Would you need a pilot license in addition to a driver’s license?
  3. How awful would the collateral damage be, with cars dropping from the sky?
  4. How will you land it at work or the mall, with little to no parking space
  5. How will insurance companies determine who’s at fault, would we have stationary drone cameras in the sky?




Besides the questions above, it’s a great invention which has great potential and applications e.g., disaster relief and leisure.

No Gas Money, No Problem.  (perfect for college students)

Fill your future car with air or water and zoom away. Cars that run on air and water are moving us closer to zero emissions. While researching, I came across a revolutionary story about a Japanese car company called Genepax that created a new type of technology which enable cars to run on water or even Japanese green tea.  In 2014, I came across another company called Phinergy out of Israel doing the same. As of today, Genepax no longer exists, there are several speculations as to its demise, if interested, you could read more herePhinergy has created a car with zero emissions that runs on air and water. The company signed a contract with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to help with mass production, and it should be on the market by 2017. Imagine the new paradigm of innovation which the technology could bring. [Perhaps a world where millions of cars run on water & air] [Perhaps a world where airplanes might run on water] [What implications will it have on oil companies] [Imagine the positive impact on the environment] [What implications will it have on oil rich producing nations?] Finally, what will big corporations with bottomless pockets do, will they sit by and watch, or buy out the competition and integrate the tech into their assembly plants?


Buses Which Run on Human Waste

U.K.’s first bio-bus runs on human waste. There’s not much to write here, the video explains everything. Let’s wait and see, will the rest of the world adopt this, or will it be exclusive to the U.K., who knows what good s#!t they’ll come up with next.


DNA Printing Machine Breed Genetic Designers without Medical Backgrounds

In 1997, Scottish scientists created dolly the cloned sheep which aroused global debate from kitchen tables to water coolers sections, and several other places. Some were for, and others against the practice of cloning and playing God, or altering Mother Nature. Although there are slight differences, if we fast-forward nineteen years later, there’s now a DNA laser printing machine on its way to mass affordability. It simply means anyone can print DNA from the comfort of their home or office.  Co-Founder & CEO of Cambrian Genomics Austen Heinz explains in more detail, start watching the video from 2:07. Cambrian Genomics produces DNA at 10,000 times less than the current cost, and the laser printer produces up to 100 strands of DNA per second



The Sexiest Kitchen in The World

Brummel Cucine threw in the kitchen sink on this one. Amongst other things, Italians are known for luxury cars, exquisite tailoring, fine wine, exceptional craftsmanship and more. It’s only befitting that this high tech kitchen is from Italy.  Gone are the days when a kitchen was just for cooking. Welcome to the era of kitchen 2.0, as Antonio Berton the sales manager at Brummel Cucine says; “the heart of the home starts in the kitchen,” and you can certainly get yours ranging from € 45,000 to € 60,000. If you’re looking to renovate check out http://www.brummelcucine.it/en/