Originally published on LinkedIn December 4, 2017


“Innovation and creativity are not exclusive to one company or country. Hence, the creation of a dual screen phone by a company which is the 4th largest by market share in the U.S., shouldn’t come as a surprise. If it does, that will be underrating one’s competitors in a hubristic manner, and we know what follows.”

Consequence of a Dual Screen from Samsung or Apple.

If Apple or Samsung were the first to create a dual screen phone, it might have caused the earth to shift a little off its axis. The shift would have occurred as a result of the up and down gyration their fan base engaged in. If either company was first to market with such a device; we can safely assume the probability of it being the highest selling unit in the firm’s history is assured. Although a new innovation might be spectacular, if a firm’s brand equity is not that powerful, it wouldn’t move the needle in terms of sales. It’s increasingly becoming tougher to gain recognition in today’s attention economy. The good news, this innovative leap will likely help ZTE ship more units. Although in 2 to 5 years, competitors will likely copy the dual screen form factor, which will remove the competitive edge, that’s if it was strong enough to begin with.

When it comes to corporations and consumer tech, it’s all about marketing prowess and connecting emotionally with consumers.



It’s good to be great at what one does, but that alone does not guarantee a corporation’s, or one’s success. It’s all about selling, marketing and branding. Irrespective of the glossy vernier with which the most polished individuals or companies market themselves, in time, limitations or lack of knowledge will be exposed. That’s not the case with ZTE.

Is ZTE’s dual screen enough to encroach heavily on Samsung or Apple’s sales? Obviously that wouldn’t happen, however it is powerful enough to make a huge declarative statement which reads, “dear world and competitors beware, we’ve arrived, and it’s time to give us our due respect.”




Feel free to watch the show on Bloomberg Technology

It might be incorrect, but I will err on the side of low publicity, and the fact that most people probably haven’t heard of this phone. When one does something monumental and there’s no due recognition, that’s shameful and painful. Shameful on the industry and tech pubs, as well as writers who did not cover it. Painful for the company because, a business move which could have put them on the map, or immortalize them is wasted. Known brands will always attract all the attention, that’s why marketing & branding are critical.

P.S. Meizu announced its dual screen phone in July of 2017, three months before ZTE launched its. Although, Meizu has a dual screen of some sort, a new innovation as well. The world’s first dual screen title will have to go to ZTE.