Originally published on LinkedIn on July 14, 2014

If Leonardo Dicaprio or Jordan Belfort, the real life character the movie was based upon introduced this post, I am positive it will read something like this. “It’s me the Wolf; you watched my movie and made me tons of more money $392,000,694 to be exact, as of July 2014. At the end, I asked some of you to sell me a pen, most of you failed the test. Now I have a new challenge and question.” If you could do it sooner, why would you work your entire life and wait until your golden years before you retire?

It’s me Samuel; if you’re not currently active, you should be participating in the financial market, to be precise, the equity market. After all, time is money, and buying precious years or time, equates to spending more of it with friends and family, or doing whatever makes you alive and happy, now that’s priceless. The preceding sentences should apply to anyone looking forward to better retirement years, especially with the uncertainty of social security, and erosion of the dollar’s buying power over the ensuing decades linked to inflation. Nonetheless, investing on your own should only be attempted if one is knowledgeable, disciplined and has either conducted extensive research or adept when predicting the future.

I believe CYNK Technology is a perfect example of why, any investor must be “knowledgeable, disciplined and has, either conducted extensive research or precise when predicting the future.” Given CYNK’s historical performance, but barring the doubts and uncertainties, this penny stock would have been a sure bet for anyone, I would have gone long on the stock. The term long on the stock, simply means buying it. However, given the allegations, people are staying away from this windfall, despite its enticing return. Windfall simply means a sudden gain or profit. If you are a finance or business person, kindly ignore the explanation of the jargon, the write-up is for everyone’s enjoyment.



  • CYNK is worth $4 billion and the company has no revenue or assets
  • CYNK Technology is registered in Nevada
  • Headquartered in the Belize
  • Reported a $1.5 million loss for 2013 to the SEC


IntroBiz the company’s website claims it will provide you the contact info of A-Listers such as Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and many more celebrities for a fee.The company with just one listed employee the CEO, who also holds several other positions, has no revenue and has risen to prominence through what most would describe as an incredulous act. Albeit, the increase of 29,000% proof is irrefutable, the fundamentals and corporate foundation seem to be built on quicksand. If anyone is interested in finding out more, you can watch Bloomberg’s report.

Retire Wealthy vs Rich

The title of this write-up talks about getting rich through investments, however if one really wants to be wealthy, start your own tech company, and work hard to make it the cream of the crop, or invest in the ones that rise to the top. Alternatively, become a super finance person and learn to invest full time, like the people who make $200,000 plus monthly from trading options. After advancing to the pro status, full time = working few hours a day.

Solution and Strategies

CYNK Technology stock may not be the real deal; however participating in the financial market is a winning strategy. The proof is in the pudding, for example $5,000 invested in Microsoft (MSFT) stock on March 13, 1986 is now worth $2,608,034.64 Since you’ve already worked hard for your money; it’s time for your money to work hard for you, especially when you’re sleeping. Think seriously next time before you take that expensive vacation, pay for that kitchen remodeling or buy an expensive English or Italian suit, think of the forgone Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Learn how to invest in stocks on your own to supplement your income
  • Participate in your company’s 401k, 403b or TSP plans
  • Set up an IRA account and max out yearly contribution details here http://goo.gl/aaZoT
  • Set up a TD Ameritrade, Scottrade or E-Trade brokerage account and start small.
  • Go to www.covestor.com mimic professional investment strategies
  • It’s imperative that you practice perfectly with a virtual practice account before investing real money https://account.covestor.com/trial/signup
  • Watch Jim Cramer’s Mad Money nightly show on CNBC
  • Watch Suze Orman and Consuelo Mack shows on channel 13 or visit http://wealthtrack.com/
  • Give yourself time, start slowly with the right attitude and be consistent, you will eventually get it.
  • Be financially literate and keep abreast by subscribing to money magazines such as KiplingerMoney and Bloomberg TV, CNN money etc.
  • Be financially responsible, keep your expenses low, if possible spend much less than you make.

Although investing could be daunting at first, it’s best to buy or start with blue chip stocks, mutual funds and ETFs >Exchange Traded Funds. When looking for blue chip stocks, seek out the ones that pay dividends. Dividend payout occurs when a corporation pays out a portion of its profit to shareholders, it’s not mandatory, but it’s always great to be appreciated and shown love as an investor. ETFs and Mutual Funds are easier ways of participating in foreign market stocks.

Once you are ready for the big league, invest in international stocks notably Chinese stocks. Additionally, focus on regions or individual countries which make up BRIC and MINT. Investing in international stocks becomes more complicated because of rules, regulations and opacity. You could still invest in foreign companies via American Depositary Receipt (ADR).

  • BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • MINT: Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey
  • ADR: American Depositary Receipt

Most Important Career Advice

It’s me again, the Wolf of Wall; find a profession you’re passionate about, do what you love, and love what you do. Make sure you hone your craft consistently, that way your reputation precedes you, which usually opens doors or invites opportunities. The money will come, just do a great job daily and be the best you can be. Do not envy me one bit, I made a big mistake, money alone does not make one happy. Finally, be flexible enough or keep an open mind just incase a career change is forced upon you due to circumstances beyond your control.


Supposedly CYNK is Valued More than Domino’s, AOL Abercrombie & Fitch and Zynga